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FIWY United Kingdom

Friends of Inti Wara Yassi UK (charity # 1124355) raises funds on CIWY’s behalf, and helps in the administration of various tasks such as:

  • Receiving and processing online donations that help cover the operational costs of the three sanctuaries, as well as one-time costs of projects such as new enclosures.
  • Creating and maintaining CIWY’s website, online shop, and online newsletter.
  • Creating and managing the “Sponsor an Animal” program.
  • Collaborating in the annual Pete the Monkey Festival in France, and organising other events across the UK.


FIWY UK has provided considerable support to CIWY over the years. Some of its most notable achievements include the following:

  • Raising over £200,000 (US $260,000) in donations to CIWY since 2008.
  • Securing over £100,000 (US $130,000) in grants for CIWY since 2010.

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved with FIWY: donate your time or money or simply spread the word about our work. If you want to collaborate, send us an email

FIWY’s 2020 Annual Report

FIWY UK’s Team

FIWY UK is run by a board of 7 trustees, a development director, and an accountant:

Laura Coleman

Trustee Chair

Ashleigh Brown

Trustee Secretary

Matt Brimble

Trustee Treasurer

Jonathan Cassidy


Karen Daley


Clara Salinas


Jenny Boyd

Development Director

Helen Marchant