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Artist in Residence

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Artist in Residence Programme

A participant of the Artist-in-Residence Programme painting at Parque Ambue Ari; Photo Credit: Antoine Aupetit

About the Programme

This programme is open to artists who want to further their development through research in the field, living and working in collaboration with our conservationists, veterinarians, scientists, volunteers and – of course – the forest and its animals. We are keen for artists to have the opportunity to experience and observe life on a frontline conservation project, whilst at the same time helping CIWY to disseminate its work.

We accept enquiries from artists working in all mediums, from writing and painting to sculpture and performance. There are two positions available on a yearly basis, for a period of between six to ten weeks.

We expect that each new residency placement results in:

• The production of new creative work
• The development of an artist’s creative practice
• The development of CIWY’s aims through creative thinking
• Funds raised for the essential day-to-day running of CIWY
• Community engagement through workshops and exhibitions
• Opportunities to collaborate and develop new partnerships


Please note that conditions on the residency are basic:

• You will live and work in the jungle, in a tropical and humid environment.
• We are only able to offer a basic, makeshift work studio.
• Your first two weeks will be spent working as a normal volunteer – getting to know CIWY, the work we do and helping to look after the animals in our care.
• After two weeks you will be able to focus on your artistic development. However, you will still be required to dedicate approximately 50% of your time to assisting in the day-to-day running of the centre and helping care for the animals.
• You will need to fund your own travel to Bolivia. At Parque Ambue Ari food and board will be provided during your residency. At Parque Machia only accommodation and lunch will be provided; you will need to buy your own breakfast and dinner.

How to Apply

To apply please send an email to with ‘Artist in Residence’ in the subject line and attach the following information:

• A letter of application indicating:
1. Why you are interested in this opportunity
2. An initial proposal for the work you will develop
3. How you would propose spending your time
4. Your experience in working with communities
5. How your residency would help raise CIWY’s profile and/or funds for its work

• Appropriate supporting material to demonstrate the quality of your work – e.g. a CV and a minimum of six images/video / written material
• Two references – one should be from a community project

The application deadline for 2021 is May 14.

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Previous Artists in Residence Silvia Cuello and Victor Fernández wrote and illustrated a children’s book to share the story of CIWY and its rescued animals.

Watch Resident Artist Jennie Webber showcase her art from CIWY to the UK and the world.