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Our Wish List

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Our Wish List

If you have extra space in your luggage, please consider bringing some items from our wish list, to support the animals. Many of these items are basic but essential resources that cannot be purchased in Bolivia as easily or cheaply as in other countries. If you are not sure which material or size to buy, please contact us to help you.

We often have former volunteers around the world with donations to send but no way to send them. Therefore, if you have free space, let us know where you are travelling from and we can see if there are donations pending delivery near you.

Below are brief descriptions of the types of items on our list.

  • Animal Care: Day-to-day items required for animal care wear out quickly. Even the most weather-resistant and durable materials can’t hold up to the sun, heat, rain and humidity found in our sanctuaries. The majority of these items are either unavailable in Bolivia or of poor quality.
  • Medical Supplies: Even everyday items like sutures and gauze are often of low quality, expensive or simply unavailable in Bolivia. However, caring for hundreds of rescued animals requires a constant supply of these resources. If you or someone you know works in a hospital or veterinary clinic, please consider collecting and donating second-hand, expired or discarded items.
  • Medication: Access to quality and affordable medicines is limited in Bolivia. If you or someone you know works in a hospital, pharmacy or veterinary clinic, please consider collecting and donating expired or discarded medication. In many countries, medicines cannot legally be used after being opened or past the expiration date. However, most can still be used safely.
  • Supplements: Many of the animals that CIWY cares for were torn from their mothers as infants, and robbed of vital nutrients from mother’s milk, essential for a healthy immune system. Therefore, daily nutritional supplements and anti-inflammatories are needed to ensure adequate nutrition and to relieve chronic pain.
  • Emergency Kit: It is our policy that every team carries an emergency kit when working with the animals; however, many items are only available affordably abroad.
  • Food: These are suggestions of food you could buy in Bolivia before arriving. Not only would you enjoy them during your stay but so would the animals if you leave them behind!
  • Materials & Tools: These items help us to maintain our property and construct new areas to be enjoyed by the animals.
CategoryItemNotesUseLevel of Need
Animal CareRock climbing screwgate carabiners

Second-hand is fine

Smaller sizes and lightweight

Keylock or flat-nosed style (a.k.a. snag-free, notchless or hookless); click here for example

Suggested brands: Black Diamond, Dmm and Petzel

Working with primatesPriority
Animal CareRock climbing auto-locking carabiners

Second-hand is fine

Various sizes, including large or lightweight

Triangular shape (e.g. asymmetrical, D-shape or pear shape) strongly preferred

Keylock or flat-nosed style (a.k.a. snag-free, notchless or hookless); click here for example

Suggested brands: Black Diamond, Dmm and Petzel

Working with felinesPriority
Animal CareCorrosion-resistant padlocks

Various sizes

Various usesPriority
Animal CareRope

Plastic and/or climbing rope

Second-hand is fine

Various usesPriority
Animal CareZip ties or cable tiesVarious uses
Animal CareDog collars (small to medium)

High-quality, double stitched nylon with metal buckles

Not made from leather or plastic

No comfort padding

Suggested brand: Hamilton Collars

An assortment of sizes are needed, but below is a guide:
Small: 2 cm (3/4”) x at least 38cm (15”)
Medium: 2.5 cm (1”) x at least 50 cm (20”)

Working with various speciesPriority (small ones)
Animal CareCow collars

High-quality, double stitched nylon with metal buckles

Not made from leather or plastic

No comfort padding

Suggested brand: Hamilton Collars

Width: At least 3.8 cm (1.5”) but preferably larger, up to 7.5 cm (3”)

Length: At least 66 cm (26”) 

Working with jaguars
Medical SuppliesHair clippers (or veterinary clippers)

Powered with a cord

Preferably Oster A5

Wound treatment and surgery
Medical SuppliesDermatologic chlorhexidine solution

2% concentration

Medical SuppliesAbsorbable surgical sutures

USP sizes: 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0

Medical SuppliesSterile surgical gloves

Sizes: 6.5” and 7.5”

Can be purchased in Bolivia

Various uses
Medical SuppliesSurgical halsted mosquito forceps 

Small sizes

Medical SuppliesMetzenbaum scissors


Small sizes

Medical SuppliesSurgical needle holders

For very small needles

Medical SuppliesIntubation kit

Veterinary or human

Medical SuppliesOtoscope / ophthalmoscope

For dogs and cats

Diagnosing various conditions
Medical SuppliesX-ray machine


Diagnosing various conditions
Medical SuppliesGauze

Dressing, sponge and surgical

Wound treatment and surgery
Medical SuppliesI.V. catheters


Yellow and purple

Medical SuppliesI.V. infusion set and accessories

Drip style

Three-way hospital valves

Dosi-flow (flow regulator for the administration of I.V. solution)

Medical SuppliesSyringes

1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 ml

Various uses
Medical SuppliesIsopropyl alcohol

70% concentration

1 litre preferred

Can be purchased in Bolivia

Medical SuppliesHand sanitizer


Medical SuppliesPovidone-iodine

1 litre

Medical SuppliesMedical tape

Micropore or transpore

Wound treatment
Medical SuppliesMicroscope slide coverslipsDiagnosing various conditions
Medical SuppliesInfusion pump

New or second-hand

Medical SuppliesElectrosurgery device/unit 

New or second-hand

Medical SuppliesPulse oximeter

For veterinary use

New or second-hand

Measuring oxygen levelsPriority
Medical SuppliesHaematologic analyser


New or second-hand

Diagnosing and monitoring various diseases and conditions

And combinations with pirantel and febantel


Oral suspension, tablets or injectable in vial

Tablets: 1, 2.5, 4 and 5 mg

The smaller the pill size, the better

Treatment of arthritis
MedicationBravecto, Simparica, or Nexgard

For large breeds

Topical dewormingPriority






5 mg/ml solution

Sedative for surgeryPriority
MedicationOpiate analgesics

Buprenorphine, methadone, butorphanol

Pain reliefPriority

10 mg tablets

Blood pressure medication

40 mg pills

Heart condition medication

200 mg pills

Heart condition medication

100 mg pills

Heart condition medication

2.5% injectable

For veterinarian use

MedicationAmoxicillin with clavulanic acid

For pediatric use

For oral suspension

875/125 mg


For dogs and cats

Containing chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine

High concentrations preferred: 1,000, 2,500 and 6,000 mg

Treatment of joint inflammationPriority
SupplementsChia seed oil capsules (Omega 3) Supports overall healthPriority
SupplementsSalmon oil (Omega 3)

For dogs

Bottled in liquid form or in capsules; click here for example

Supports overall healthPriority

Tablets for children and adults

Suggested brand: Centrum

Supports overall health
SupplementsActivated curcumin turmeric concentrate 

With BioPerine (black pepper)

800 mg or 10,000 mg capsules

Suggested brand: Nature’s Way

Treatment of joint inflammation; turmeric ( Curcuma longa ) needs to be mixed with BioPerine or a complex of lipids to increase bioavailabilityPriority
SupplementsKitten milk replacement powder

Suggested brands: KMR or GatoLac

Nursing orphaned animalsPriority
SupplementsStinging nettle capsules

The higher the concentration, the better

Treatment of chronic conditions, such as joint pain
SupplementsVitamin A

10,000 mg

Supports overall health
Emergency KitDry bags

2, 5, 10 and 20 litres

Keeping supplies dry
Emergency KitWaterproof cases

Various sizes

Protecting sensitive electronics like mobile phones and walkie-talkies
Emergency KitTorches (flashlights) and headlamps


Wind-up, battery-powered or rechargeable

Working at night and in wet or humid conditionsPriority
Emergency KitFirst-aid kitsSafety of staff and volunteers
Emergency KitKnives

Pen- or folding-style 

Various uses
Emergency KitWatches

With a stopwatch or timer

Various uses
Emergency KitMobile phones

Due to humidity and rain, phones have a short lifespan in the jungle.

Communication among staff and volunteers

Peanuts, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts or cashews

FoodDried fruit

Such as raisins and dried figs


Such as sunflower seeds and sesame seeds

FoodPeanut butterNutrition
Materials & ToolsDurable cleaning materials

Such as rakes, brooms, broomsticks and hand brushes

Maintaining work areas
Materials & ToolsCarpenters pincers

Called tenazas (de encofrador) in Bolivia

Click here for a photo

Opening screwgate carabiners and metalworking
Materials & ToolsPlastic buckets

Various sizes

You can purchase these in Bolivia

Transporting food
Materials & ToolsPlastic tubs

Various sizes

You can purchase these in Bolivia

Transporting food
Materials & ToolsPlastic containers with lids

Various sizes

You can purchase these in Bolivia

Food storage
Materials & ToolsMachetes

You can purchase these in Bolivia

Various uses
Materials & ToolsDrill bits

For wood and metal

Example sizes: ⌀ 8 and ⌀ 10

Please contact us if you’re unsure about fit

Materials & ToolsElectric saw, grinder and drill

Please contact us if you’re unsure about fit

Materials & ToolsRope netting

For animal enrichment (primates)

Used to make hammocks

Environmental enrichment
Materials & ToolsFire hoses

For animal enrichment (general)

It doesn't matter if they are old or damaged

Environmental enrichment
Materials & ToolsHoses

Sizes: ½” and 1”

Durable and weather-resistant

Materials & ToolsWater sprinklers

Free-standing lawn or garden sprinkler (rotating or oscillating systems)

With an attachment for a garden hose

Click here for an example

Cooling animals on hot days
Materials & ToolsAcrylic paint and brushes

Can be purchased in Bolivia

Greatest need at Parque Jacj Cuisi

Painting metal to prevent rust