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Save on fees!

Save on fees!! If you are a Bolivian citizen and prefer to transfer money instead of using PayPal, please use our bank information and email us the name of animal you’d like to sponsor.

You can personally support a rescued animal in Bolivia from anywhere in the world. As a sponsor, you help animals at CIWY live happy, healthy lives, despite their traumatic pasts. Many volunteers form a special bond with specific animals and choose to continue sponsoring them from home. Whether you have visited the sanctuaries or not, consider supporting one of these magnificent animals. Every contribution helps.

How does it work?

Choose a rescued animal and start your special relationship!

If you wish to sponsor an animal not pictured below, please send us an email. We would love to see all the animals get sponsors!

Many of the rescued animals cannot be released into the wild, either due to injury or because they are too dependent on human support from an early age. When their release is impossible, we provide them with an environment as similar as possible to their natural habitat. The animals receive large enclosures, diets formulated according to the specific needs of each species, individualized veterinary care and daily environmental enrichment. This high level of care comes at a cost, and CIWY receives no government funding to support it. We invite you to help by sponsoring an animal.

How much does it cost?

Choose to contribute US$10, US$20 or US$40 a month to sponsor the animal you have chosen. Your donation will go directly towards the care of your animal and others in his or her sanctuary.

What will you receive?

As a sponsor, you will receive:

  • an electronic certificate of sponsorship;
  • acknowledgement of your sponsorship on our website;
  • email updates on your sponsored animal, including current photos, twice a year; and
  • the personal fulfillment of helping to care for your favorite animal and contributing to the conservation of threatened wildlife.

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The Animals

Current Sponsors

Thank you to the following, who generously provide support to these animals on an ongoing basis:

Gold Sponsors

Fabian Müller since 2017
Alan Burness since 2017
Debbie Johnsen since 2017
Charles Bell since 2017
Georgie Passalaris since 2017
Jonathan Leigh since 2017
Martina Sunnås since 2018
Leslie Poulson since 2018
Natali Yavelikova since 2018
Lenna Matilda Mulczyk-Vidaurre since 2019
Colton Smith since 2020
Emma Lowry since 2020
Randall Smith since 2020
Chantal Berot since 2020
Eva Coleman since 2020
John Dawe since 2020
Banco Ecofuturo since 2020

Silver Sponsors

John Halladay since 2016
Marzena Gnap since 2016
Sean Patrick Walsh since 2016
NJ Ferris since 2016
Carlos Beltrán since 2017
Adriana Avila since 2018
Saule Janaviciute since 2019
Felicia Thomas since 2020
Falk Heuer since 2020
Eric Shulze since 2020
Markus Einarsson since 2020
Laura Sheen since 2020
Melanie Graf since 2020
Anja Hagenauer since 2020
Danitza Tejerina since 2020
Paula Biste since 2020
Barbara Baro Sastre since 2020
Julie Coupin since 2020

Bronze Sponsors

Yuri Ríos since 2015
David Varela since 2015
Clancy Moore since 2017
Julie Rivet since 2017
Graydon Moore since 2018
Ana Rodriguez Carvajal since 2019
Silja Ástudóttir since 2019
Paola Tatiana Estrada Encinas since 2019
Romaine Furmston-Evans since 2019
Nathan Fowler since 2019
Michael Moraitis since 2020
Ruth Crowe since 2020
Dominique Spencer since 2020
Jillian Bellamy since 2020
Four Legged Fancies since 2020
Gil Hizi since 2020
Bolivian Mountains since 2020
Alex Prier since 2020
Léa Fourgeaud since 2020
Jon Felices Balasse since 2020
Anna Clift since 2020
Erin Mounce since 2020
Pilar Garcia Carrero since 2020
Hermann Giudici Heidelberg since 2020
Brittany Hodgson since 2020
Parker Ingvoldstad since 2020
Coral Felix Reilly since 2020
Daniela Miller since 2020
Victor Alejo Aquiso since 2020
Cynthia Trinocque since 2020
Tania Evia Salas since 2020