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The Animals

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The Animals

CIWY has more than 25 years of experience caring for over 50 wildlife species. Currently, there are 39 species across our sanctuaries.

The following table lists the species with which we work most frequently. We have included their conservation status according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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PhotoCommon NameScientific NameTypeConservation Status
An Azara's night monkey stares ahead at Parque Ambue AriAzara's night monkeyAotus azaraePrimateLeast concern
Imilita, a female spider monkey, climbing at Parque Machía; Photo Credit: Ben LybargerBlack-faced black spider monkeyAteles chamekPrimateEndangered
Closeup of blue-and-yellow macaw at Parque MachíaBlue-and-yellow macawAra araraunaBirdLeast concern
Photo to comeBlue-crowned parakeetAratinga acuticaudataBirdLeast concern
A blue-fronted amazon at Parque MachíaBlue-fronted amazonAmazona aestivaBirdLeast concern
Phily, a blue-headed parrot, rests on a perch at Parque MachíaBlue-headed parrotPionus menstruusBirdLeast concern
Faustino, a howler monkey at Parque Ambue AriBolivian red howler monkeyAlouatta saraPrimateLeast concern
A wild squirrel monkey in the trees at Parque MachíaBolivian squirrel monkeysSaimiri boliviensisPrimateLeast concern
Brown-throated sloth hangs from tree with infant at Parque Ambue Ari; Photo Credit: Juan Manuel MedinaBrown-throated slothBradypus variegatusOtherLeast concern
Pepa, a capuchin monkey at Parque Machia, eats a banana; Photo Credit: Guillermo ArmeroCapuchin monkeySapajus apellaPrimateLeast concern
A chaco tortoise walking through Parque Ambue AriChaco tortoiseChelonoidis chilensisTortoiseVulnerable
Roma, a chestnut-fronted macaw, sits perched at Parque Machía; Photo Credit: Irene ArellanoChestnut-fronted macawAra severusBirdLeast concern
A collared peccary walks through Parque Ambue Ari; Photo Credit: Víctor FernándezCollared peccaryPecari tajacuOtherLeast concern
Peanut, a crab-eating fox, sits in waiting at Parque Ambue Ari; Photo Credit: Ella WoodCrab-eating foxCerdocyon thousOtherLeast concern
Photo to comeCrab-eating racoonProcyon cancrivorusOtherLeast concern
Pirata, a dusky-headed parakeet, sits perched at Parque Machía; Photo Credit: Jhosy NavarroDusky-headed parakeetAratinga weddelliiBirdLeast concern
A dusky-legged guan rests perched at Parque Ambue AriDusky-legged guanPenelope obscuraBirdLeast concern
Mariano, a Geoffroy's cat, resting at Parque Ambue Ari; Photo Credit: Sylvia ReiterGeoffroy's catLeopardus geoffroyiFelineLeast concern
A giant anteater searches for ants at Parque Ambue AriGiant anteaterMyrmecophaga tridactylaOtherVulnerable
Photo to comeGreater grisonGalictis vittataOtherLeast concern
Matt Damon, a greater rhea, lifts his wings at Parque Ambue Ari; Photo Credit: Jolan OnadiGreater rheaRhea americanaBirdNear threatened
Photo to comeGreen-cheeked ParakeetPyrrhura molinaeBirdLeast concern
A Humboldt's white-fronted capuchin at Parque Machía; Photo Credit: Tim WattersHumboldt's white-fronted capuchinCebus albifronsPrimateLeast concern
Jaguarupi ("Rupi"), a male jaguar, rests during a walk at Parque Ambue Ari; Photo Credit: Ollie BartlettJaguarPanthera oncaFelineNear threatened
Lancelot, a lowland-paca, searching for food at Parque Ambue AriLowland pacaCuniculus pacaOtherLeast concern
Herbie, a lowland tapir, looks upwards at Parque Ambue Ari; Photo Credit: Eugenia PacittiLowland tapirTapirus terrestrisOtherVulnerable
Rio, a margay, peers through a tree at Parque Jacj CuisiMargayLeopardus wiediiFelineNear threatened
Gordo, a mealy amazon, lifts his wings at Parque Ambue Ari; Photo Credit: Sharon CarsonMealy amazonAmazona farinosaBirdNear threatened
Photo to comeMitred parakeetAratinga mitrataBirdLeast concern
Lucinda, a female ocelot, rests on a log at Parque Ambue Ari; Photo Credit: Ella WoodOcelotLeopardus pardalisFelineLeast concern
Lucas, an orange-winged amazon, sits perched at Parque Machía; Photo Credit: Maria Paula VelezOrange-winged amazonAmazona amazonicaBirdLeast concern
Carlos, a male puma, rests during at walk at Parque Ambue AriPumaPuma concolorFelineLeast concern
Two red-and-green macaws at Parque MachíaRed-and-green macawAra chloropterusBirdLeast concern
A red-footed tortoise at Parque Machía; Photo Credit: Colm MooreRed-footed tortoiseChelonoidis carbonariaTortoiseEndangered
Wilson, a coati at Parque Ambue Ari, rests at camp; Photo Credit: Robbie ForresterSouth American coatiNasua nasuaOtherLeast concern
Balu, a spectacled bear, walks through Parque Machia; Photo Credit: Colm MooreSpectacled bearTremarctos ornatusOtherVulnerable
Iván, a tayra, rests in his enclosure at Parque MachiaTayraEira barbaraOtherLeast concern
A white-throated toucan sits perched at Parque Ambue Ari; Photo Credit: Antoine AupetitWhite-throated toucanRamphastos tucanusBirdVulnerable
Frank, a yellow-crowned amazon, rests perched at Parque Machía; Photo Credit: Jhosy NavarroYellow-crowned amazonAmazona ochrocephalaBirdLeast concern
A yellow-footed tortoise walking at Parque MachíaYellow-footed tortoiseChelonoidis denticulataTortoiseVulnerable