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Frank Ballard

02 May 2020

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The New Enclosure for Kusiy the Jaguar

The New Enclosure for Kusiy the Jaguar

Would you like to know how the construction of the enclosure for our jaguar Kusiy is going? We’re excited to provide you with an update on the project, which began at the end of last year.

Even though the past months have been difficult as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and other issues, CIWY has made a huge effort to continue with this construction  project. It hasn’t been easy, as we’ve had very few volunteers and almost no financial resources.

Arrival of new fences for Kusiys enclosure

Due to the lack of volunteers, some of our construction team from Machía joined the Ambue Ari team for a week, to help continue the project. Since then, they have been working very hard in a very demanding environment–high humidity and temperature, rain and mosquitoes, all along carrying heavy materials like rocks, sand, fencing and poles to the construction site, which involves walking through a floodplain with waist deep water!

So far the team has managed to dig the trenches, cement the poles, and lay most of the fencing, as well as build the management cage structure. All that remains is covering the management cage with fencing and installing platforms in the main enclosure, which will give Kusiy a wonderful new home.

The initial phase of construction
Putting up new fencing for Kusiy’s new enclosure

We would like to thank the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and everyone who donated through the Global Giving fundraising campaign. Your donations enabled us to buy the required materials and cover the extraordinary expenses that such a large construction project involves.

We are extremely excited to see the enclosure finished and Kusiy happily enjoying his new home, which has been a massive effort by our incredible construction team.