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Parque Ambue Ari


Parque Ambue Ari

The New Enclosure for Kusiy the Jaguar

May 2, 2020

Would you like to know how the construction of the enclosure for our jaguar Kusiy is going? We’re excited to provide you with an update on the project, which began at the end of last year.


The Arrival of a Baby Puma

November 28, 2019

Tuesday the 23rd of October, 2019, was like many other nights in Ambue Ari. It was 7pm and everyone was ready for a night visiting the village of Santa Maria, where volunteers and staff spend the evening sharing stories of their out-of-the-ordinary days in the jungle. Except this wasn't an ordinary Tuesday. Staff and volunteers had been trying, without luck, to find a hitch to take them to town.


Guadalupe, the Lucky Armadillo

November 1, 2019

Not long ago, the world watched in horror as terrible fires ravaged the Amazon, including in parts of Bolivia. Occurring between July and October 2019, the fires were considered one of the most serious ecological disasters of the past 10 years. Fires occurred in the tropical regions of the Chiquitano forest – considered an important resource of the planet, the Bolivian Amazon and the western Pantanal.