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The CIWY Shop


The CIWY Shop

All proceeds from the sale of these products support the work of CIWY in Bolivia and FIWY in the UK.

Please bear in mind that we are a small team and items cannot always be dispatched on the day the order is placed. You will receive an email as soon as your order has been dispatched.

CIWY Volunteer Gift Card

The CIWY Gift Card can be purchased today to provide much needed support immediately and used for a volunteering stay in the future.

To purchase, simply send an email to, and we will send you the information you need. (Read terms and conditions.)

Gift Card for 15 Days
Gift Card for 30 Days

Other Products

Check out these products from shops whose owners donate a portion of their sales to CIWY:

The Puma Years: A Memoir of Love and Transformation in the Bolivian Jungle

Now available on Amazon in paperback, hard cover and ebook! Former volunteer Laura Coleman recounts her experiences with Wayra in this highly anticipated memoir. She is donating 75% of book proceeds to CIWY.

CIWY Artwork Products by Laura Coleman

Laura’s beautiful designs and photos are now available on various products. So many to choose from! Click to explore all the options:

Panthera: Improve and Develop Your Mentalism

Mentalist/author Jack Goldstein donates 100% of the profits from this book to CIWY!

CIWY Jungle Prints by Jennie Webber

You may recognise some beauties from Ambue Ari Sanctuary in this series! Click for artist’s shop page.

Sloth Embroidery Kit

Perfect for people who want to learn the techniques of embroidery, or as a gift for a crafty friend! These DIY kits include everything you need to get started on the basics of hand embroidery and create a beautiful piece. Paraffle Embroidery donates 50% from each sloth kit to CIWY. Choose from 4 options:


I come from the jungle Children’s Book

This colourful book was written and illustrated by Silvia Cuello with photos taken by Víctor Fernández at our sanctuaries. It includes true stories of animals in our care. You can purchase it below by clicking on the version you prefer: English or Spanish.

I come from the jungle (English Version)Vengo de la selva (Spanish Version)

Hey Hilde! Children’s Book

Ross Hammond, a former CIWY volunteer, wrote the popular children’s book Hey Hilde! about a capuchin monkey named Hilde at Parque Machía. You can purchase it below by clicking on the version you prefer: English, Spanish or French.

Hey Hilde! (English Version)Hey Hilde! (Spanish Version)Hey Hilde! (French Version)

Aqcaroell Artwork

Former volunteer Carola Schade donates 10% of her art sales to CIWY.
Check out her beautiful pieces, many of which were inspired by experiences with nature during her time in Bolivia. See more on her Instagram.