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Scientific Research

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Scientific Research

CIWY promotes the scientific study of the environment and species as a tool against habitat destruction, illegal trafficking and species decline. Throughout the years we have acquired substantial knowledge of the species and habitats surrounding CIWY’s sanctuaries.

We provide the opportunity to students and researchers from across the globe to carry out scientific studies that can contribute to the understanding of our environment and the strength of the conservation mission. If you are a student or professional and would like to collaborate on a research venture, please contact us with your proposal at

CIWY’s scientific research to date has included the following topics:

  • Behavioral studies of the species we house at our sanctuaries.
  • Deep analysis of the ecological role of certain species in the dispersion of seeds to promote reforestation.
  • Population studies of flora and fauna existing within our sanctuaries and protected wild areas.
  • Management and release protocols of different species.