Wish List

If you have extra space in your luggage, we would really appreciate donations of any of the following supplies. 

There are many essential resources that we often cannot get hold of in Bolivia, but which are commonly found in other countries.

Amazon wishlist

Check out our Amazon wishlist for a prioritised list of examples of supplies that we always need.

Alternatively, below is a list of items that are most needed.

Medical supplies

- Slides and cover slips for microscope

- Inhalant anesthesia 

- Portable ultrasound machine

- Hand sanitizer

Portable X-rays 

- Immersion oil for microscopes 

- Latex or nitrile gloves (small size)

- Gauzes 

- IV catheters (yellow or purple size, pediatrics )

- Siringes: 1ml, 2-3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml

- Hhhhhhhh

Alcohol 70* 1L

- Iodine povidone 1L

- Micropore or medical tape

- Elastic vendages

- Cohesive vendages

- Dermatologic chlorhexidine 2%

- Absorbable sutures 3/0, 4/0, 5/0

- Sterile gloves for surgery (6,5 and 7,5 sizes)


- C vitamin for children (chewable)

- Multivitamin tablets (b complex, magnesium, ...)

- Multivitaminic 

- Probiotics and prebiotics

- Fish oil (salmon and . Omega 3

- Scott emulsion 

- Flaxseed oil capsules (vegetarian fatty acids)

- Vitasang 

- Osteovit

- Acetilcistein 

- Hidroalcohol (

- Sucralfate (gastrum ®)

- Ranitidine 150mg tablets (or less concentration)

- Metoclopramide 10mg tablets

- Enalapril 10mg tablets (a cronic treatment for life for a coati named Salvador, for a spider monkey called Negra and for a capuchin monkey called Chucky)

- Espironolactone 100mg tablets (cronic treatment for life for our spider monkey Negra)

- Amiodarona 200mg (for Negra too)

- Furosemide 40mg (for Negra too)

- Ibuprofen 600mg

- Pediatric suspension of ibuprofen 

- Pediatric suspension of amoxicillin with clavulanic acid 

- 4-derm (skin cream)

Injectable Meloxicam

Nutritional items

•  Multivitamin powder
• Tumeric
• Omega 3
•  Vegetarian Omega 3
•  Kitten milk replacer powder, such as KMR
•  Nursing kits for very small mammals

Animal care items

•  High-quality, nylon dog collars with metal clasps (no leather, plastic clasps, padding or foam layers) 
•  Screwgate or screwlock carabiners
•  Weather-resistant padlocks or combination locks
•  Climbing ropes
•  Nail and beak clippers for birds and reptiles
•  Electric clippers, preferably battery-operated, to prepare wounds for surgery and cleaning

Emergency kit supplies

• High-quality compasses
• Battery-operated walkie-talkies
• Waterproof cases to protect cell phone or walkie-talkie 
Wind-up flashlights/torches
• First aid kits
• Pen knives/folding knives


Below are a couple of ideas of items you could buy in Bolivia before arriving, that would be useful during your stay, but that would also make a useful donation when you leave:

- Roasted peanut

- Almonds

- Nuts

- Raisins

- Dry fish

- Red corn

- Dry fig

- Sesame seeds

- Ground flaxseed

- Sunflower seeds

- Chia seeds

- Dog food

- Different types of cereals and legumes

- Honey

Materials and tools:


- Rakes


- Pliers


- Tongs


- Brooms


- Hard brushes for clothes


- Hand brushes


- Buckets


- Mops


- Broomsticks


- Different plastic containers


- Strings of perlon


- Plastic Straps


- Mooring and galvanized wire

- Machetes


- Hammers


- Knives

- Drills for wood and metal (8∅, 10∅ ...)

- Nails of all sizes

- Screws for wood

- Hose (1 "and 1/2")

- PVC Pipes

- Metal pickups or very resistant and non-oxidizable materials

- Ice Buckets

- Carbines or carabiners

- Lanterns

- Padlocks of all sizes

- Water Sprinklers

- Acrylic paint and brushes



Banner photo: Clauide Ruel

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