Our Wildlife Sanctuaries

CIWY manages three Wildlife Sanctuaries throughout Bolivia.

Parque Machía

Parque Ambue Ari

Parque Jacj Cuisi

Location of our Centres

We welcome volunteers at all three of our Centres. However Machía is the only one that is open to the public for tourism.

Each of the Wildlife Sanctuaries rescues and rehabilitates wild animals from the illegal animal trade, homes, zoos and circuses. They have professional staff who are experts in caring for wild animals. Volunteers from across the globe also support our work. They help out with the day-to-day care of these animals.


In Villa Tunari (Chapare), in the department of Cochabamba, lies our oldest and smallest Centre, Machía.

Ambue Ari

Near Ascensión de Guarayos, between Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Trinidad, is Ambue Ari, our second and largest Centre.

Jacj Cuisi

Just outside of Rurrenabaque and close to the community of San Buenaventura is our newest Centre, Jacj Cuisi. It is just a stone’s throw from Madidi National Park and located in the department of La Paz.

Banner photo: Joel Power

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Our Partners

Friends of Inti Wara Yassi (FIWY) is our sister organization in the UK. They have been a major source of support since their founding in 2008. Find out more about FIWY here.

Quest Overseas organizes gap year trips for British and international students. Since 2001, Quest has worked with CIWY to bring much needed volunteers and funds. If you are interested in the programs they have with us, find out more here.

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